How to make your IKEA furniture look expensive

Are you tired of your IKEA furniture looking plain and unexciting? Do you want to give it a more upscale or personalized touch? Look no further than IKEA hacks! Here are five simple ways to upgrade and customize your IKEA furniture:

Knobs and pulls: Add some glamour and personality to your furniture by changing or adding knobs and pulls. Chrome or brass finishes can make a piece feel luxurious without too much effort. Norse Interiors offers unique designs like the chrome and lucite Kristina knob or the brass Ingrid pull. For a modern touch, try Copper Mountain's circular cabinet ring pull.

Furniture legs: Don't underestimate the impact that new legs can have on your furniture. Choose from sleek and simple designs to more unique and chunky ones. Norse Interiors' steel Sara leg comes in brass, chrome, or matte black, while Bemz's Terence leg has a distinctive circular shape.

Make it float: Adding floating furniture to your home can create a trendy focal point and provide versatile storage solutions. Besta cabinets, Kellax nightstands, and Lack shelves can all be transformed with the simple addition of floating brackets.

Change the tops: Tabletops can completely transform a piece of furniture. Norse Interiors' natural wood collection offers handmade tops that add unique contrast to your IKEA furniture. Marble tops are elegant and stylish, while glass tops provide sleek finishes and added protection.

Switch the fronts: Changing the fronts or paneling of your furniture can be a great way to showcase your personal style. Norse Interiors' Joan front adds a chic, arched pattern, while